CBTE 120 - Class Schedule

Please Note: the work may be submitted at any time before the "due date".  Some flexibility is given during the first two weeks of the class. It is expected the student will be on-schedule by the 3rd week. This calendar is tentative and may be modified during the semester. Any modifications will be posted on the class home page (Blackboard).

Some projects may require the use data files or pictures and graphics. Those files can be found linked to the Data Links page.

As you proceed through each module you will be guided through the creation of a product. Often a second or third project will also be assigned. All projects for a given module MUST be submitted together - no partial evaluations will be given.


Assign Date




Assign: I need a short email describing your experience with computers.

Due: 4/4



Assign: Module 1 - pp. WD1 - WD47

Complete the flyer shown on WD2 by following the steps in Module 1.

NOTE: Do not skip steps!! This will be the first document of your submission.

Complete Lab 1 on pp. WD52 - WD54
Please submit both documents as attachments to the same email

Due: 4/15



Assign: Module 2 - pp. WD57 - WD111

Complete the research paper described in Module 2.

Complete Lab 1 on pp. WD116 - WD118

Complete Article Reviews 1 and 2

Due: 4/22



Assign: Module 3 - pp. WD122 - WD173

Complete the business letter and table described in Module 3.

Complete Lab 1 on pp. WD179 - WD180

Due: 4/29



Assign: Module 4 - pp. WD185 - WD247

Complete the document described in Module 4

Complete "Apply Your Knowledge" on pp. WD244 - WD246

Complete Lab 1 on pp. WD249 - WD251

Complete Article Reviews 3 and 4

Due: 5/6



Assign: Module 5 - pp. WD257 - WD307

Complete the resume project described in Module 5.

Complete Lab 1 on pp. WD308 - WD310

Due: 5/13



Final Assignment: Create your resume, cover letter with letterhead, and GPA calculations

The resume should be no longer than two pages and the cover letter one page.

Pages of the resume should be numbered using a footer and should have a watermark.

Add a page to the back of your resume that contains a formatted table
the table should list the courses you have taken (you can make these up),
the grade received, and grade points (A=4, B=3, C=2, etc.). The last row
should then average and display the resulting grade point average (GPA).
Be sure to add column headings, table title, and a short summary of your goals
external to the table (either above or below).

Due: 5/23

Please Note: All work must be turned in by 5/23 to be evaluated, reorded, and applied to your grade evaluation.