CBTE 120 - Data Links

Some of the modules may require data files or pictures and graphics. The files on this page may be opened and saved on your computer or disk or your use in completing your projects.


File Links

Module 1

Graduation Flyer Unformatted

Painting Lessons Flyer Draft

Graduation Picture

Harvest Picture

Jukebox Picture

Spring Break - Florida Picture

Surfing Picture

Vintage Phone Picture

Vintage Scale Picture

Module 2

Apply 2-1 3-D Printers Paragraph Draft

Extend 2-1 Databases Paper Draft

Lab 2-3 Consider This Your Turn Wireless Communications Notes

Module 3

apple-02 picture

Apply 3-1 Fall Semester Schedule Draft

Expand 3-1 Inquiry Letter in Word

Extend 3-1 Donation Letter Draft

johnny-automatic-rose-scroll-800px picture

Lab 3-3 Letter Paragraphs

Module 4

aesculab-stab-2400px picture

Animal Clinic Draft

Apply 4-1 Projected College Expenses Draft


Lab 4-3 Consider This Your Turn Deli Draft



Module 5

Apply 5-1 Protect Your Hearing

Basic resume (Timeless design)

Expand 5-1 Cucci Resume

Extend 5-1 NFC Chips and Tags

Resume (color)