Project 2 Performance Evaluation Sheet 

Programmer's Name: ______________________________________ 

Screen Designs - Each screen in the project should have a separate design
Program Listing - Should contain the entire source code
Data Samples - There should be five complete sets of data that were used to test the program. The data should be varied. It should contain positives, negatives, and 0 (or "null") values.


Development Documentation (Evaluated prior to execution):

     Opening (Splash) Screen (10 pts.) __________________

                      Input Screen (10 pts.) __________________

                    Output Screen (10 pts.) __________________

                   Program Listing (20 pts) __________________
Including appropriate spacing, indenting, and appropriate upper/lower case


  Program Execution:
  Evaluated after development docs.

                                   Execution (50pts) _______________
Includes consistany with prepared design(s), use of entire screen, screen sequencing, user prompts, correct calculation results, etc.

                                                    Total ________________