Project 3 Performance Evaluation Sheet 

Programmer's Name: ______________________________________ 

Screen design and flow is consistent with project 2 requirements except that you will have added a menu to control input and output sequences. The menu should have an "Exit" or "Quit" option.

Function Design:

     There is at least one separate function for each user screen.
     All functions access data via parameter lists - NO global variables!
     All new screens must have a screen design chart
     Each function should have a separate set of pseudocode.


Development Documentation (Evaluated prior to execution):

                                      Program Hierarchy Chart (10 pts) ___________________
Should show ALL user-defined functions.

                                              Menu Screen Design (10 pts) ___________________
The design should be consistant with design created in Project 2.

        Pseudocode for EACH module(5 pts ea./20 pts total) ___________________

                                                 Program Data Sets (5 pts) ___________________
May be repeated from Project 2.

                                                      Program Listing (5 pts) ___________________


Program Execution:

                                                             Execution (50 pts) ___________________

                                                                                Total ___________________