Project 4 Performance Evaluation Sheet

Project Title Screen:
Consistent with requirements in projects 2 and 3
Menu Screens:
Consistent with spacing chart(s) as prescribed in project 3.
Input Screen:
Should generally be the same as prescrtibed in projects 2 and 3.

Search/Sort Screens:
Follow design specifications as prescrtibed in projects 2 and 3.

Specifically -

Search Screens

Sort Screens

General Flow:

Screens follow design criteria as prescrtibed in projects 2 and 3
including project and screen titles, and user prompt to continue


Programmer's Name: ______________________________________

Development Documentation (Evaluated prior to execution):

                                      Program Hierarchy Chart (10 pts) ___________________
Should show ALL user-defined functions.

                                              New Screen Designs (10 pts) ___________________
The design should be consistant with design created in Projects 2 and 3.

 Pseudocode for each NEW module(5 pts ea./20 pts max.) ___________________

                                                 Program Data Sets (5 pts) ___________________
May be repeated from Projects 2 and 3.

                                                      Program Listing (5 pts) ___________________


Program Execution (Evaluated subsequent to the documentation):

                                                   Print File Creation (5 pts ea) ___________________
Table print ans search result print.

                                                                  Execution (40 pts) ___________________

                                                                                      Total ___________________