Project 5 Performance Evaluation Sheet 

All screens should be essentially the same as in project 4.
All data is passed into the various functions as pointers, as appropriate.

Any new screens should have a screen design chart

General Flow:
The program flow should be the same as that of project 4 with the exception that the sort implementation will not be required.



Programmer's Name: ______________________________________

Development Documentation (Evaluated prior to execution):

                                      Program Hierarchy Chart (10 pts) ___________________
Should show ALL user-defined functions.

                                              New Screen Designs (10 pts) ___________________
The design should be consistant with design created in Projects 2 and 3.

 Pseudocode for each NEW module(5 pts ea./20 pts max.) ___________________

                                                 Program Data Sets (5 pts) ___________________
May be repeated from Projects 2 and 3.

                                                      Program Listing (5 pts) ___________________


Program Execution (Evaluated subsequent to documentation):

                                                   Print File Creation (5 pts ea) ___________________
Table print ans search result print.

                                                                  Execution (40 pts) ___________________

                                                                                      Total ___________________