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MS Visual Studio -- community edition FREE Download

The linked document contains comments about downloading and installing Code::Blocks on Macs
Code::Blocks -- is an Open sourse IDE and gcc Download and Installation presentation on PCs

The biggest difference between code::blocks and the Visual C++ is the requirement of the inclusion of the "stdafx.h" header prior to any other header file.
So to adapt code::blocks source code to Visual C++ remove the comment symbol ("//") in front of //#include "stdafx.h".

Books and other "Hard" Sources

Specialty Books

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Miscellaneous Resource Files

String Class Reference (work in progress)
Screen Spacing Template
Program Template
File Read Examples
File Write Examples
Insert Sort
Programming Classes
Multiplication Table using while()
Multiplication Table using for()
Menu Sample using do-while()
Function Creation Exercise (ThisOldMan)
Function Creation Exercise (SmallWorld)
Function Sample Created in Class (3/5)
proj4sample Created in Class (4/9)
Basic Linked List Program 1 (No Frills)
Basic Linked List Program 2 (With Functions)
Basic Linked List Program 3 (With Table)
Basic Linked List Program 4 (Allows printing data)
Double Linked List Example

Text Chapters

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12

Programs Referenced in the Reading Chapters

Chapt 1 Prog 1-1Basic I/O
Averaging Prog
Chapt 2 Prog 2.1
Chapt 3 Prog 3.1 DB and Menu
Chapt 3 Prog 3.2 RPS
Chapt 4 Prog 4.1 Menu in loop
Chapt 4 Prog 4.2 Error Trap
Chapt 5 Prog 5.1 DB in Modules
Chapt 5 Prog 5.2
Chapt 6 Prog 6.1 DB using struct
Chapt 7 Prog 7.1 Intro to arrays
Chapt 7 Prog 7.2 Array of struct
Chapt 8 Prog 8.1 Array of struct
Chapt 9 Prog 9.1 ptr and data relation
Chapt 9 Prog 9.2 data I/O using ptrs
Chapt 9 Prog 9.2a ptrs and structs
Chapt 9 Prog 9.3 ptrs and arrays
Chapt 9 Prog 9.4 ptrs and functions
Chapt 10 Prog 10.1 ptr and structs
Chapt 10 Prog 10.2 I/O w/ linked list
Chapt 11 Prog 11.1 ptrs and functions
Chapt 12 Prog 12.1 final program samp.
Chapt 12 Prog 12.2 sample file output
Chapt 12 Prog 12.3 sample binary file


Lecture Presentations

Lect01-Welcome to Intro to C++
Lect02-Designing a Program
Lect03-I Know What I Want to Do
Lect05 - User-Defined Funtions
Lect06 - Creating Data Structures
Lect07-Creating and Using Pointer Variables

Quiz and Test Files - none currently linked (password required)

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