Article Reviews

General Information

During the semester you are asked to prepare a number of article reviews from current (LESS THAN SIX MONTHS OLD) journals, magazines, newspapers, Internet, etc. It has been said that by the time information gets into a book, it is no longer current. That is, from the time an author writes a manuscript to the time a book is printed takes about two years -- half a generation in technological progress. As a result, the most useful information (other the most basic) is obtained from current publication articles.

The format of an article review includes 1) a formal article citation in MLA style at the top of the review (unless otherwise requested), 2) a summary of the article NOT TO EXCEED TWO or THREE PARAGRAPHS and one page (max.) - double spaced the first paragraph should be a brief summary of the article and the second paragraph YOUR comments about the information, and 3) a copy of the article or Internet page link where the article was obtained. (the link may occur in the citation)

A sample review is linked here.

The articles should be about computer applications, computer use, programming, or other related topic or technology. It is recommended that you look up articles that pertain to your major or personal interest.

Use articles that make sense to you. Don't try to impress. Understand the material, ask questions, and write a clear summary.

  1. Review 1 should include Bolding, Italics, and Underlining where appropriate, and spell checked.
  2. Review 2 should the features used in the above (as appropriate), plus use at least three different font sizes and/or shapes.
  3. Review 3 should include the above, as appropriate, and the reference should be placed in a footnote at the bottom of the page.
  4. Review 4 should include in the above, as appropriate, and should include a piece of clip-art or graphic that is appropriate to the topic of the article.